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The Head-Space project was begun over 5 years ago by a designer and a writer from a creative studio in Brixton, London. A refuge from commercial restrictions, no rules, just a creative baseline, we wanted the Head-Space project to be provocative and challenging. We decided to open it out, make it no longer an us thing but an everyone thing, maybe alter the way we looked at web creativity by making it all of ours.

This is the 5th version of the site, and we've gone back to basics. Fancy interfaces and ten tons of code seemed well and good, but we lost somewhere the nature of the interface, replaced it with a (admittedly mould-breaking) plaything. So we've gone back to Head-Space as shell, housing (rather than obscuring) work from creative contributors.

So this version has a simple (sort of) interface resting lightly on top of some 1,200 pages of creative thought in digital form.

And we're looking for more content. Many great creative thinkers already have their own sites, so we're inviting people to contribute something unique to Head-Space that can link to their own sites... a 'teaser' you could say. But as usual nothing we feature can be commercial. We hope it's an interesting challenge!

It's also a place to break the rules - you don't have to be fully W3C Compliant, or stick to small file sizes... you can let rip (and we've always said Head-Space will, at some point, crash your browser!)

Anyone can apply to join - we have participants from all over the world and of all ages. We work, sometimes together and sometimes on our own, breaking a few rules and generating a few ideas. We hope you'll enjoy exploring it.

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