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The common cry: "What on earth should I contribute? Give me a brief! What do you mean, 'anything'?". The response? Well, you're supposed to be creative, have those waves everyone talks about, you know, sprout ideas and suchlike... "subversion" is a good one, but it's your call (surely we've got enough to do!)

If you've looked around over the last few years you'll have seen e-zines on culture and music, simple single page artworks, convoluted comment on society, splashes of colour, photography designed to provoke, illustrated interactive poetry, and so on. Many old friends have been with us for years, new friends are working on original works that will be published over the next few weeks and months.

We're still trying to push the boundaries of online creativity. And we're still against that commercial thang, because that's the stuff we all have to do daytime, and here it is always just after supper but before you get too out of it to see straight. It's confusing enough around here as it is.

We've upgraded bandwidth, removed truly dead wood, archived some old (but strangely still unique) creative work for later exhibition, and redesigned our interfaces. And we need your contributions and ideas. Drop us an with an outline - whether it's for a single page, an entire site, or a string of thoughts, by yourself, as a group or with an existing participant.

Proud owner of some existing fabulist domain? Create something for Head-Space that will act as an inspirational gateway to either your talents or your site. . We'll see if we can prize open another niche in Head-Space just so you can let loose your juice.

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