10.50 GMT : 13th Feb, 2004

Look here for a fresh and very stylish online mag... we don't often link to external sites, but this one is well deserved :)

14.36 GMT : 5th Mar, 2003
Get your art in print and get paid!

Jalamex are running a competition to find eye-catching postcard designs to support a new product marketing campaign. They will distribute about 300,000, nationwide over 6 weeks, later this year.

They need 3 designs, each will be displayed on 100,000 post cards, with your credit on the back, and 250 quid in your pocket!

Go here if you think you can express their themes of communication and mobility. Poems, pictures, etc. have all been used successfully in the past. JH

20.22 GMT : 31st Dec, 2002
Happy New Year!

From all the head-space crew :)

12.25 GMT : 26th Nov, 2002
New chapter alert!

Check out the blurring of a hyperlink in the latest addition to the head-space project over at ibuild. JH

1.21 BST : 26th Sept, 2002
Got a T68i mobile?

Well here's the first of many head-space project graphics for you to use. These files are of the head-space logo (sun/cloud & 4 icons) for use as a background image. Anyone wanting to link to us from their site could use them as buttons as well. JH

21.00 BST : 26th July, 2002
Creativity on PDAs or phones?

We're looking for someone who wants to break open the doors to creativity for Palms, Cliés, Nokias, Ericssons, whatever... colour browsers are just making their way in here, and we think there's an opportunity to break new creative ground. If you've got any ideas and the means to put something together, : we want everyone who comes to head-space, irrespective of medium, to find something creative to see.

In the meantime, on Wednesday we had 10,853 page impressions. We'll do some online PR later in the summer, so keep the ideas for contributed sites (more about new head-space participants in the next few days...) FV

11.11 BST : 25th July, 2002
We love Apple but .Mac?

Following Apple's announcement that it will begin charging for its formerly-free email and web space service .Mac, we're inviting people affected who have existing sites that fit with our policy at Head-Space to email us . FV

20.14 BST : 20th July, 2002
Interfuturabilityness 2

This seems to be being addressed - watch this space! And if anyone can help us test some head-space developmnents on their PDA, preferably able to take screenshots - please...FV

18:21 BST : 9th July, 2002

OK. Anyone out there want to try doing this page as a pure XML/CSS page? I'm sure it can be done, but our collective head is full. And even then, once it's done, how do we know it'll work on the systems we ain't got to hand? Seems to me all this separating content from form (and why would we do that on this site?) is lovely in theory (did it successfully, if sideways, here) but hellish complicated. Time to go home methinks. FV

14:46 BST : 9th July, 2002
Take a second look

Not as straightforward as it seems... take a look and, more importantly, have a read of the recently updated Luminus Labs. JH

09:53 BST : 5th July, 2002
Desktop images

Looking at the logs, there's a fair bit of interest in the desktop images... these are mostly previous head-space desktop downloads, and we'd love to feature some new ones... so get designing and send them in. Take a look at what we have already in the Free Stuff section and the send some in . JH

09:54 BST : 1st July, 2002
Do the English always talk about the weather?

I think so. Especially when we wake up in mid-summer, and it bloody rains on ya! phhh! Anyhoo, thanks for the fantastic emails some of you have sent in congratulating us on a fine re-boot, and it's also great to hear from fans that have followed the site for many, many years and are glad to see a head-space resurrection.

More good news... remember Urban Express? It was a fantastic site that was born here in the head-space project. It's coming back to our fair shores very soon, so keep 'em peeled! JH

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