billy rood(1968- )

i have been variously described as...
"someone who doesn't know what he's doing"(bertrand russell)
"a machine for turning coffee into theorems"
"a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that's not there"
in 1992 i was proclaimed a "master of the arts" by the elders of cambridge, later to become the justified ancients of microsoft. in 1994 i made a documentary with arthur c. clarke, benoit mandelbrot and dave gilmour. "the colours of infinity" has been seen on tvs around the world, but never made a penny...or so nigel, the producer, tells me. nigel incidentally gave syd barrett his first trip ... and filmed it (it's now available as a 10 minute silent video). my fractal animations have been used in pop videos and an equinox program about numbers. i also...
design records, cd sleeves, t-shirts, posters & cards
write graphics software
make flyers for pendragon parties
do artwork and reviews for dream creation magazine
i am currently working on an animated hologram and video projects with star sounds orchestra and uforia.