glastonbury '97

as everyone knows the best parties are outdoors and free, and glastonbury just about is, although i gave the guy with the ladder a fiver. the festival this year has restored my faith in this country. it was as usual an affair of two halves, with babylon descending into a quagmire of bootsucking mud i settled on the green pastures around the eco-trip (which mark read as e-go-trip). with not a generator in sight the drug-powered sound systems never let up, full respect to those saintly altruists who did their time. morris played "i've got a little red bicycle with a little red bell, ding ding ding" in the ambient dome where i managed to monopolise a mattress long enough for a good kip. the goa trance kicked in on sunday night over at astro cafe where cosmic steve could be seen spinning minidiscs and kangaroo moon rounded things up nicely with their traditional monday night slot at the golden moon.