This is not, as you expect, an analysis of the film; this is exactly what the title says: the deconstruction of Brad Pitt's hit.
The reason why I'm doing this is because I've noticed some things during the film that make sense only when it's finished and I'd also like someone to find other points that I haven't noticed. Please do NOT send me the dialogs with the girl (such as "who are you talking to?", "Us who?" and so on), they're so obvious.

Let's go straight to the point(s) chronologically.
  • In the office, while photocoping a document, Brad Pitt's figure appears to Jack for a fraction of a second.
  • It happens again when he's talking to his boss, this time Brad is embracing the boss.
  • He meets Brad on the plane, who gives him a card. He then calls the number and no one answers, because Brad doesn't exist. In fact, he receives Brad's call as soon as he hangs the phone.
  • In the bar, Brad offers him a cigarette. He doesn't accept it. Brad and the cigarette don't exist.
  • When they are looking at the exploding building at the end of the film, there's a picture of a penis (Brad's?) appearing for a fraction of a second, the same appearing when Tyler explains Brad's job.

now it's your turn. If you noticed something I didn't, please let me know. As usual, the most interesting point will receive the lemonation prize.


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